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From Flip the Switch to Blinding Lights, get in on the fun with our roundup of the top Tik Tok challenges you can try out at home. Hop over for more.

If there’s one thing that fans are known for doing, it’s passionately defending their opinions. In the spirit of that, we present for your consideration this month’s ranked list: The best from the world of Tik Tok challenges.

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Flip The Switch

In case you missed it, TikTokers have been using the lyrics “I just flipped the switch” from Drake’s song “Nonstop” to film hilarious outfit swaps. Check out @trevorbell_’s video, it has our spidey senses tingling! Be sure to check out #fliptheswitch on TikTok for more laughs.

Blinding Lights Challenge

The dance challenge to the Weeknd’s newest song “Blinding Lights” has easily become one of our favourites on TikTok. Shout out to all the Star Wars lovers, we had a good laugh watching @rexin_around do the dance as Captain Rex with another Clone Trooper. P.S. we recommend trying to learn the choreographed dance -- in cosplay!

Level Up

If you're a Ciara lover, you'll love this dance challenge to her song "Level Up." Check it out on TikTok using the hashtag #LevelUpChallenge. @kidrl takes the challenge to another level with his Power Ranger Cosplay and dance transitions! Be sure to check it out if you haven't already!

Real Life At Home

How far would you go to maintain your daily routine during Quarantine? TikTok users have been recreating their daily routines at home and showing them off using the hashtag #RealLifeAtHome. We love this video of a TikToker recreating the Disney parade at home, be sure to watch this video if you’re missing it  as much as we are. 


Choose Your Character

This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘swipe right.’ TikTokers are showing off their cosplay skills in the #ChooseYourCharacter challenge. We love @castlecosplay’s epic transformation into Lemillion from My Hero Academia.

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