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Your new Cosplayer of the Month: Felice

Welcome to Cosplayer of the Month, where we feature an incredible cosplayer from our community of fans and learn about who they are beneath the surface and, ahem, WORBLA. This month, we have – Felice!

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What city are you based in?


How did you get into cosplay initially?

My mom made me a Pocahontas costume when I was four years old and ever since then, I've been into dressing up as my favourite characters. The first time I ever cosplayed officially was with a group of my friends at PAX Prime in 2011 or 2012. It was a gender-bent Thor cosplay that I built out of thrift store finds and foam board. After that, I started building costumes for Halloween and cons. I became more serious in the last two years, especially after attending more cons and finding a partner who is as nerdy as I am.

Do you have a cosplay piece that you are most proud of?

Currently, it's my Rita Repulsa cosplay from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. My fiancé dresses up as the Green Ranger, and I wanted to pair up with him, but not as another ranger. While it wasn't my first time with a sewing machine, it was my first dress, let alone ball gown. I really worked hard on the accuracy of the outfit and finding unique solutions to the different pieces, improving it each time I wore it out.

What do you hope to achieve through cosplay?

I hope to conquer the world ... just joking. But mainly, I want to be able to cosplay as ALL of my favourite characters and have fun with it. And convince my fiancé to dress up in all the couple cosplays I want.

Is there a cosplayer that you look up to or inspires you?

There's so many! But I would definitely have to say women like @gladzykei & @erikaalamode are just such amazing souls. And the duo that really epitomes couple cosplay goals are A&J from @roguesgalleryfitness!

If you could give any piece of advice to new cosplayers, what would it be?

Cosplay who you love. Doesn't matter who that character is, if you want to dress as them, just do it and don't let other people tell you otherwise. Cosplay is for everyone!

What would you say is the hardest part of cosplaying?

Budgeting and time. There are so many characters I want to cosplay and the list just keeps getting longer! I love building my own costumes from scratch as well, but that takes a lot of time, so I can only work on so many cosplay projects at once. I have at least three currently in construction. There's only so much time in my day and only so much money I can budget for cosplaying right now, but I wish I had a bit more of both to continue this passion.

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