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Get to know the Vancouver Fan Meetups Ambassadors! This group will be putting together events, screenings, and more in your area.

Name: Erwin Yap

Bio: I’m a dad, a cosplayer and a volunteer. I started out cosplaying and attending shows with my family. I love spreading positivity within the Vancouver cosplay community and helping to foster new connections and relationships in an approachable way.

Interests:Cosplay · superheroes · Sci-Fi, · comics · Action movies · DC

Name: Alecia Noel

Bio: Hi, my name is Alecia Noel, but my nickname is Smalls (pronouns: she/her or they/them). I’m a cosplayer (Rusty Bayonet Cosplay), regular congoer, panel host (my most-known being Confidence Through Cosplay), and I’ve been a part of numerous Geeks VS Nerds shows, Topsy Turvy 2: Disney Reimagined and performed in various Princess events. When I'm not working, I can be found watching my favourite TV shows, drawing, reading, working on cosplay or chatting to friends over various fandoms (including Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, The Walking Dead and many more).

Interests: Superheroes · cosplay · Funko Pops · Star Wars · Comics · conventions · movies · comic books · Marvel · Harry Potter · Disney

Name: Felice Rafael

Bio: I'm a woman with a geeky heart, soul for adventure, and a creative mind! I have a strong passion for bringing folks together and I am very excited to do so in such a nerdy way. I have way too many hobbies for my time or budget but love them all the same: amateur cosplaying and sewing, watching TV shows & films, and reading.

Interests: Superheroes · cosplay · Power Rangers · Travel · 90s Anime · DC · Event Planning · Marvel · Harry Potter · Cartoons · Mystery · Sailor Moon · Disney · Avatar the Last Airbender · Digimon · Adventure · Lots of Things · Fun · Cardcaptor Sakura

Name: Michael Urban

Bio: I’m a big fan of comics, and I’ve been running a comic book reading club in-person and online for a while now! I love fandom because it's a universal language—it’s a great way to get all kinds of people together, bonding over the meaning that pop culture art has for them. I'm incredibly proud and excited to help be a part of expanding that presence in Vancouver.

Interests: Predator · Transformers · Sci-Fi · Comics · movies · DC · Marvel · GI Joe · Aliens · Ninja Turtles · Mortal Kombat · Action Figures · Indie

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