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Podcast Alley is a BRAND NEW podcast focused programming track for FAN EXPO Vancouver 2020! Hear live shows, meet and greet your local Vancouver podcast heroes, and learn insider tips and tricks to help launch your own amazing podcast from the pros on our Podcast stage! Discover participating Podcasts below!


Chloe and Sara are married and they've loved Xena: Warrior Princess for most of their lives. Join them as they watch and discuss the show and other queer/feminist media. Expect commentary, analysis, and a good dose of humour!

Instagram : @wbb_podcast

Tumblr : @WBB_Podcast

Twitter : @WBB_Podcast


The Fear of Science is a podcast that brings together scientists and comedians for an unfiltered discussion about complicated and sometimes-controversial science fears in a fun and respectful way. In each episode we dive into the wide world of science topics to demystify, debunk and delight! Each show features a new science fear, with special guests and more surprises along the way.


Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! is a Greek and Roman mythology podcast. But it’s not your average Greek and Roman mythology podcast, this one is told by a 30-something Millennial with a penchant for cursing and a feminist attitude. The stories are deeply researched, thoroughly told, and they don’t hold back the details that have been sugarcoated and treated with kid gloves over the millennia since they were originally told. There’s violence, assault, and so, so many gods transforming into animals to have their way [with women and nymphs]. Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! is casual and fun but equally knowledgeable and will leave you with a deeper understanding of the myths and the people who told them those many, many years ago.


Geeks versus Nerds is a live pop culture comedy/debate show with a focus on all things geeky and nerdy. In Each episode, two teams take on each side of a pop culture argument (such Gandalf vs Yoda, Harry Potter vs Naruto, or Cookie Monster vs Galactus). They attempt to make their case for why their side should win throughout a series of rounds moderated by our host, the Lord High MooMan. Debaters can use anything at their disposal to make their case include facts, obscure knowledge, and trash talk. In the end, a winner is decided by the audience's applause.


Adventure.exe: the Dungeons and Dragons actual play comedy podcast whose cup hath runneth over with morally conflicted characters and roads to hell paved with good intentions. Adventure.exe was voted one of the Best Local Podcasts in The Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver 2019!


PolitiCoast is your West Coast perspective on BC politics.

Facebook: @politicoast

Instagram: @politicoast

Twitter: @PolitiCoastPod



Dark Poutine - True Crime and Dark History is a weekly podcast covering mostly Canadian true crimes, dark history and other creepy topics — some of which may be in danger of being lost to history. Creator and host Mike Browne's life long interest in true crime and other dark historical topics shines through in his diligent attention to uncovering interesting details about each case. Co-host Scott Hemenway brings levity and empathy adding that extra-bit of humanity at just the right moment. These long time friends love story telling and walking listeners deep into the darkest corners of a case before bringing them out into the sunlight again, safe and sound. Dark Poutine's compassionate and uniquely Canadian approach keeps victims top of mind and looks squarely at the impact of crime on families and their communities.


I Can Explain Podcast is the LGBTQ+ podcast that aims to answer the questions you are too afraid to ask. Nothing is truly off limits, from sex ed to coming out, when your hosts Breanne Williamson (the lesbian) and Sean Lusk (the gay) give comedic takes on their queer experiences.


With Drinking and Screaming, you’ll find yourself pulled into a new horror film discussion through a queer and feminist lens, and a new cocktail to try every week. We’re an award-nominated indie liquor and movie review podcast based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, where each week we celebrate horror and mixology! Every episode is laced with great soundtracks, audio clips from the films, theme breakdowns, production trivia, and much more! **Char and Kelly are neither professional movie critics nor professional bartenders, but they are very good at both drinking and screaming.