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Sharpen those pencils, fire up that laptop and get ready because we’ve got a challenge for you! FAN EXPO Vancouver is having a Flash Fiction Competition!

Wait, what is a Flash Fiction Competition?

Good Question! A Flash Fiction Competition is a competition that challenges writers to create a short story (750 words max.) in 72 hours! You pick the genre and setting BUT story must include a very specific item and theme. The catch? You won’t find out what that that is until the competition officially opens!

Thank You Vancouver for an amazing competition!

Our Flash Fiction competition challenged writers to create a short story around the theme of New Beginnings.  Each entry had to include at least one of the following items:

  1. A shattered Hourglass
  2. A lock with an unusual key
  3. A cup that never empties

FAN EXPO Vancouver is proud to announce the top three entries:

3rd place – The Hermit by Ghost Writer
Read their story here >>

2nd place – Soul Sand by Archon
Read their story here >>

1st place – The Last Medical Marvel of the 21st Century by Aveline Reynard
Read their story here >>


Sign up in advance online. Registration is open December 11th 2019, at 9:00am PST, and is open until December 27th 2019 at 11:59pm or until the participant cap of 150 entrants is reached.

Keep an eye on your inbox! At 12:00pm PST on January 3rd you’ll receive an email with 3 special items and the theme. You MUST include at least one item and the theme in your story. Pick the one you like the most!

WRITE! You’ve got 72 hours to write, edit and submit your story (maximum 750 words)! Good Luck!! Submissions officially close at 11:59am PST January 6th 2020! Pssst – we all love a good fan fic, but original content only please!!

All submissions will be reviewed by our panel of judges. The winners will be selected by our amazing panel of authors and publishing industry professionals!

Tune into FAN EXPO Vancouver’s social media channels Monday January 20th 2020, when we announce the winners!



The following criteria must be met to avoid disqualification:

  • All entrants must PRE- REGISTER online prior to the contest opening

  • All entrants must have a valid email address.

  • All entries MUST be written within the 72 hour time frame and contain at least one of the mandatory elements. Entries found to have been written prior to the contest opening will be disqualified.

  • Entries must be the intellectual property of the entrant. No Fan fiction or use of existing copyrights is permitted.

  • Entries must be no more than 750 words. Any entries over the maximum word limit will not be considered.

  • Entries must be submitted before 11:59am Monday January 6th PST. Any entries submitted after that time will not be considered.

  • The decision of the judges is final and may not be appealed. Prizes may not be redeemed for cash.



    Award-winning author Nancy Kilpatrick is a writer and editor in the horror/dark fantasy field. Her 23 novels include her current six-book series Thrones of Blood, recently optioned for film and television. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and check out her website:

    J.M. Frey is an author, screenwriter, and professional smartypants. She’s appeared in podcasts, documentaries, and on television to discuss all things geeky through the lens of academia. Her debut novel TRIPTYCH was nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards, and a place among the Best Books of 2011 from Publishers Weekly. Since then she’s published THE ACCIDENTAL TURN SERIES, a quadrilogy of meta-fantasy novels, and THE SKYLARK’S SAGA, a steampunk adventure duology. Her Wattpad-exclusive queer regency historical fiction novel A WOMAN OF THE SEA was honoured with a Watty Award in 2019, and her feature film TO A STRANGER is currently in pre-production with a Toronto house. Her life’s ambition is to step foot on every continent – only three left! | @scifrey

    Adrienne Kress is an actor and author residing in Toronto, Canada. She has an honours BA in theatre from the University of Toronto and is a graduate of LAMDA’s post-graduate classical acting programme in the UK.

    The author of award winning and internationally published children’s and young adult novels, this past year she completed her absurdist adventure trilogy for kids The Explorers (Random House), and released the YA horror novel Dreams Come To Life (Scholastic), based in the world of the Bendy and the Ink Machine video game. Some of her TV/Film acting credits include the horror flick Neverknock (SyFy), American Gods (Starz) and Lost Girl (SyFy).

    Find her at, and @AdrienneKress (Twitter/Instagram).

    Mark Askwith is a writer, producer and interviewer. He is one of the Founding Producers of SPACE, Canada’s National Science Fiction and Fantasy Channel, where he contributed to The Circuit, HypaSpace and InnerSpace. He was also the Producer of Special Projects. Prior to SPACE he was the creator/producer of Prisoners of Gravity, the Producer in Imprint and the manager of the Silver Snail.

    Jennifer Lambert is Senior Editorial Director at HarperCollins Canada.

    Robert J. Sawyer is one of only eight writers ever to win all three of the world’s top awards for best science-fiction novel of the year: the Hugo, the Nebula, and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award. He has also won the Robert A. Heinlein Award, the Edward E. Smith Memorial Award, and the Hal Clement Memorial Award; the top SF awards in China, Japan, France, and Spain; and a record-setting sixteen Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards (“Auroras”).

    Rob’s novel FlashForward was the basis for the ABC TV series of the same name, and he was a scriptwriter for that program. He also scripted the two-part finale for the popular web series Star Trek Continues.

    He is a Member of the Order of Canada, the highest honor bestowed by the Canadian government, as well as the Order of Ontario, the highest honor given by his home province; he was also one of the initial inductees into the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

    A resident of Mississauga, his website and blog are at, and on Twitter and Facebook he’s RobertJSawyer.